Material Matters Exhibition
Material Matters Exhibition
Material Matters Exhibition

type: Object Design

program: Material Experiment

location: Bangkok, Thailand

area: -

client: -

design: 2018

With the intention to design the architecture with the various shape of voids. This idea led us to find the material which has the potentials of flexibility and elongation.

We noticed by the ability of rubber that could be converted into any form indepedently by compared to the stiff materials which are steel ,aluminium and wood.

To concern about producing the design by following the aesthetic quality. We came up with the idea of getting rid of the construction limitation as much as possible. Accordingly ,the rubber developed to be the element of the building which works as a frame of the opening void such as door and window.

Furthermore ,the acoustics and noise protection quality of the rubber was determined to be used as a material that could protect the interior space by noise from the outside.